About Us

Shelley joined her first band at the age of 18 while living in Brasil. Since then she has never looked back. She studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Capilano College. Shelley has extensive studio experience as a lead and background vocalist and can be heard on many albums as well as some familiar jingles!
Past projects include "The Howe Sound Band" and "Virgil" who's CD "Wondertown" received critical acclaim. 
"Wondertown is the kind of record guaranteed to make a sunny Sunday seem just a little brighter...with cool confident vocals from singer Shelley Preston."-Mike Usinger The Georgia Straight.

Scott has been a fixture on the Vancouver independent music scene since the 1980s as a singer, songwriter, musician, engineer, and producer. With many albums under his belt and appearances on many others, Scott has learned his craft both in the studio and onstage. He has songs on rotation on radio and music television as well as placement in film and television.
He has won 2 CARAS awards and had both West Coast Music Awards and Casby nominations.
Past project highlights:
"Memory Day"-"Jenkins Farm"(Bass,mandolin,harmonica,penny whistle,bg vocals)
"Atlantis Bus"-self titled(mandolin)
"The Ratjackets"-"Bigger Than Jesus"(Producer,singer/songwriter,all instruments)
"The Roswells"-self titled(Producer,singer/songwriter,guitars)
"The Simples"-"Beauty Salon"(guitar)
"The Roswells"-'Mantra"(Producer,singer/songwriter,guitars)
"The Tomorrows"-"Jupiter Optimus Maximus"(Producer,singer/songwriter,guitars)
Current Projects:
"Preston&Fletcher"(Producer,singer/songwriter,all instruments)
"Eddie D and the Sex Bombs"(guitar)
"The Wet Spots (Garage/soul division)"(bass, bgs)
"The Top Drawers"(producer)
"Patrick Jacobson"(producer)
"The Simples"(producer,mix engineer)
Shelley and Scott also play in the popular cover-band BANG!